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As a cohesive team, our focus has always been presenting technological events that are in tandem with the latest offerings from the tech world. We strive to inculcate the passion for technology and learning that is present in each member, past and present, within the students of our college and beyond. Our interests can be seen in all of our work, whether it is in the various events we host throughout the year or the magazine we publish annually. From learning new software and languages to developing products and conducting talks by luminaries in the industry, we work hard to achieve our goal and enjoy seeing it through every year.

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CSI attempts to capitalize on the abundant talent and ideas and give others a platform to showcase their perceptions.


CSI aspires to stimulate, spark new ideas and ignite the concept of innovation amongst today's generation. 


CSI aims to inspire, act and engage and truly believes in the precept , "To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible