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Bhavya Shah


Tanya Gupta


Tanvi Ruparel


Yashi Suba


Hitisha Damani


Akshita Lakkad


Nishad Kane


Sanika Biwalkar


Sneh Gajiwala

Technical Head

Aditya Shinde

Technical Head

Krish Parekh

Marketing Head

Shruti Shakhla

Events Head

Rajavi Mehta

Publicity Head

Sayali Sant

Hard-Creatives Head

Meet Nandu

Soft-Creatives Head

Neha Tiwari

Editorial Head

People Love Us.

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“CSI is a great initiative. The seminars and workshops are quite beneficial. The quality of workshops has improved a lot over the years. Most importantly students get in touch with new technologies which helps in bridging the gap between the University and Industry. The awareness among students and teachers regarding the importance of CSI has also been on a positive trajectory.” — Purva Raut

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“Apart from the workshops and seminars, the coding competitions organized by CSI have been very useful for the students. The workshops are always updated with the latest technologies. The CSI website is quite vibrant and incredibly user friendly.” — Vinaya Sawant

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“CSI provides a great platform for students to learn and explore. Apart from the regular workshops they have always come up with new ideas. Being the only student chapter of the college to conduct a 24 hour event itself speaks of its capability and quest for innovation.” — Arjun Jaiswal

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“CSI offers abundance in terms of motivation and learning to students. It is a brilliant platform for exposure in technical areas. CSI always come up with workshops of immense practical importance. Students have a dual advantage of both attending as well as conducting a seminar. The multitude and diversity in terms of departments makes the students understand the importance of collectively and effectively working in a team.” — Stevina Dias